Shinjuku Central Park

Shinjuku Central Park
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On the west side of Shinjuku Station, there used to be a large-scale water purification facility called Yodobashi Purification Plant in the area where high-rise buildings are.
During the 1950s in the Showa era, plans to develop this area as a sub-center of Tokyo were finalized and the water purification facility was relocated to Higashi-Murayama City. That’s when the high-rise buildings were erected in its place.

Shinjuku Central Park, which is 8.8 hectares in diameter and a little smaller than the size of two Tokyo Domes, was completed in 1968 while the other buildings were under construction. Zelkova trees and cherry trees are planted alongside the beautiful paved lawns in this park. It is indeed a valuable greenery space nestled among its towering neighbors.

In addition to a variety of playground equipment, a small children's play area will be available during the summer months. One such area is the “Jabu-jabu Pond,” where you can enjoy playing with water. Perhaps the water space including the "Niagara Falls", a full of healing and refreshing energy is an hommage to the former water purification plant?
You can enjoy various sports and activities like basketball and running. The park boasts several multi-purpose exercise spaces where you can work up a sweat; it even has a futsal facility for indoor soccer. It is a busy park with events and flea markets held all year round.

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2-11 Nishi-shinjuku , Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Futsal facilities are charged (see website for details)


10 minute walk from JR, Odakyu, Tokyo Metro, Keio Line Shinjuku Station

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