Zuiko-ji Temple

Zuiko-ji Temple
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Zuiko-ji Temple has a main hall with rounded thatched roof, which creates a serene atmosphere. Gensei Shonin, the high priest of Nichiren Buddhism, founded the temple, and it is famous for making and breaking relationships.

Visitors are able to make wishes not only about creating great relationships, but also breaking relationships, related to the tale of Gensei Shonin breaking his ties with the samurai family and forming new ties with Buddha. In Kyoto, where there are many ornate temples, there are few temples with thatched roofs, which is why it is recommended for those who want to enjoy autumn leaves in a quiet atmosphere.

In the main hall named Jakuon-do, there rests a seated Shaka Nyorai statue which is filled with markings that are in the form of the five organs. Also, there is Hakuryu Zeniarai Benzaiten where visitors can wish for good financial luck.
Gensei Shonin is said to be a monk who took very good care of his parents, and despite his own sickness, took care of his mother until she died at the age of 87.
Take a little walk at Zuiko-ji Temple if you would like to calmly encounter good luck, or break from bad luck.

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7-minute walk from JR Inari Station
8-minute walk from Keihan Fukakusa Station

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