Asarigawa Onsen

Asarigawa Onsen
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Asarigawa Onsen is a hot spring resort that has been popular since 1954. It is said that deer gathered to bathe in the hot springs and the area became known as “The Place of Dancing Deer”. It has long been popular with local people since ancient times. Currently, it is known as a resort where you can enjoy golf in the summer season and skiing in the winter with 8 inns and hotels ready to welcome you. The hot spring water has sodium and calcium chloride qualities, which is effective for muscle pain and nerve trouble. This is a great place to rest and recover your sore muscles after a summer day hiking or a winter day skiing on the slopes. In the spa town, an artificial lake and a lake-side park have a play area where picnics and tennis can be enjoyed. This is a popular place to enjoy the outdoors and many people come here to camp, hike, and enjoy nature. There are also bungalows and camping gear for rent in the area.

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Asarigawa onsen,Otaru,Hokkaido

Spot Types

Spa town

Business Hours

It varies according to facilities

Regular Holiday

It varies according to facilities


It varies according to facilities


30 minutes bus ride from Otaru station

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