Yuki Shrine

Yuki Shrine
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Kurama Fire Festival, one of Kyoto's three major festivals, is held at Yuki shrine. It is an annual festival held on October 22 and the unique energy and burning flames of the grand torch Ootaimatsu are indeed a sight to behold. It is believed this shrine was founded during the Heian period, when Yuki Daimyōjin, which had been enshrined in the Imperial Palace, was transferred to the northern part of the capital due to the earthquake and public concern. Yuki Daimyōjin is also a god for the entire Kurama district. At the time, a torch was made from the reeds of the Kamo River and passed down along the road as an opening ceremony. Today, this custom continues to be a celebrated tradition as it is passed down to the next generation. The stone guard dog here is designated as an important cultural property. This statue is quite rare as it’s holding a child and it is believed to be a god of safe childbirth and prosperity for ones descendants. The hall of worship, or haiden, is also a rare site: the halls are split down the center by a corridor in a style called wari haiden. It is believed that Toyotomi Hideyori, the son of a famous warlord, built it. Osugi trees indicative of Mount Kurama are everywhere here. These Japanese cedar trees are also called the Osugi-san and it is believed that your wishes will come true if you to pray them. You can surely feel the energy exuded by these splendid giants. Let’s enjoy hiking while praying to these sacred trees.

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1073chi, Kurama Hommachi, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

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Kyoto Station - 【JR Nara Line】 → Tofukuji Station - [Keihin Honsen Line] (about 15 minutes) → Demachiyanagi Station - 【Eizan Railway Kurama Line】 (about 30 minutes) → Get off at Kurama Station
Kyoto Station - 【Municipal Subway Karasuma Line】 (about 20 minutes) → Kikusaikaigijyo- Mae - 【Kyoto Bus】 (about 20 minutes) → Demachiyanagi Station → Get off at Kurama

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