Kurama-dera Reihou-den

Kurama-dera Reihou-den
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Reihou-den is the treasure room of the temple Kurama-dera. Opened in 1972, it is also known as the “Mount Kurama Museum.” The first floor is the natural science exhibition room of Mount Kurama, displaying the geological features and stratum of Mount Kurama as well as animals and plants. As this place is designated as a historical conservation and natural preservation area, the areas surrounding the temple have been largely untouched. Kurama-dera continues to protect these mountains and there is an exhibition room in Reihou-den.

As you go up to the second floor, there are the "Jihō room” and the “Yosano memorial room” where treasured articles such as paintings and books are displayed. The head monk of Kurama-dera was a disciple of famous female poet Akiko Yosano, who often came to visit. In the memorial room, boxes of Yasano’s writing and desks, which had been lovingly used by Yosano and her husband Tekkan, who was also a poet, are on display.

On the 3rd floor, there is a buddha room. Here you can see the Bishamonten statue, which is a national treasure, and the Sho-Kannon statue, which is an important cultural property. There is no doubt that you will leave with a richer understanding of Kurama-dera and Mount Kurama from this spectacular Reihou-den.

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1074, Kurama Hommachi, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

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Temples/shrines ,Importantcultural property

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Regular Holiday

Every Monday (in the case of a holiday, next day), from December 12 to the end of February


200 yen


Eizan Railway "Kurama" station, 5 mins walk to Niomon gate
Kyoto bus, get off at "Kurama," 3 minutes on foot to Niomon gate
※ 30 minutes on foot or 2 minutes on cable car (200 yen for cable car), when using cable car 10 minutes on foot from Niomon gate

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