Komyo-in Temple

Komyo-in Temple
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One of the sub temples of Tofuku-ji Temple, the beauty of the moss after a rain has given this temple an unusual nickname which means “rainbow moss temple.” It is famous for its azaleas, but the deep greens of the moss spreading throughout this traditional Japanese garden makes this an amazing site for quietly viewing the fall colors.
The traditional garden known as Hashin no Niwa was created by landscape architect Mirei Shigemori, combining the concepts of clouds, mountains, the moon, and waves and featuring an image of the ocean made from stone and sand.
Mirei Shigemori also created the tea pavilion Ragetsuan, and when looking from the main temple building out into the garden, you might be able to catch a glimpse of its moon shaped wall off to the right.
Looking out of the round windows in the room next to the main temple, you can see fall colors all around, providing yet another way to experience the scenery of the garden.
In the fall season you can also enjoy matcha tea and sweets, making this the perfect hidden spot for enjoying the fall colors.
The entrance fee is paid by making a voluntary donation into bamboo tubes. A donation of around 300 yen is good.
You can experience what it is like to escape from the hustle and bustle, and gaze out through the round windows upon the stone and sand ocean and azalea clouds with the moon visible overhead.

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809 Honmachi 15 chome, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

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5-minute walk from Keihan Tobakaido Station
10-minute walk from Keihan Tofuku-ji Station and JR Tofuku-ji Station
4-minute walk from Tofuku-ji bus stop on the city bus or Keihan bus lines

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