Kifune Jinja Yui-no-Yashiro

Kifune Jinja Yui-no-Yashiro
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Since Yui-no-Yashiro is located between the Hongu (main hall) and the Okumiya (back hall), it is also known as the Nakamiya, or Middle Shrine. “Naka” means middle in Japanese. It is here that the Goddess of Matchmaking, Iwanaga-Hime-no-Mikoto, resides. Legend has it that both her sister Konohanasakuya-hime and her were sent to be wed to Ninigi-no-Mikoto, but he had her sent back saying she was too ugly. In spite, she stayed at this shrine in order to help others find their match. Her powers were then proven in another famed tale of romantic distress. Abandoned by her unfaithful husband, Izumi Shikibu, a Heian-era romance poet, prayed to the goddess with a sad love song. It is said that her prayers were soon answered as she was promptly able to reconcile with her husband.

The shrine is renowned as a place for those seeking special connections and there is no shortage of people with such desires.
Although no order has been stipulated by the Shrine, it is customary to first visit the main hall, then Okumiya and finally, Yui-no-Yashiro. It's not just about getting recharged at the powerful Okumiya shrine or securing a prosperous marriage; from childbirth to other relationships, it’s about tying all of your wishes together into one final knotted message that will ensure your wishes with good fortune.
In the past, people used Miscanthus sinensis to tie the knot with their wishes written on this thin leaf. Since the custom has done damage to the building of the shrine, those leaves have been swapped out for narrow cards called Tanzaku. So after you’ve had your fill of the other two shrines, why not do as the locals do and make Yui-no-Yashiro your last stop?

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180, Kurama Kibunecho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

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Eizan train, get off at Kifuneguchi, 30 minutes on foot
Kyoto Bus, get off at Kifune, 5 minutes on foot from the stop

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