Konchi-in Temple

Konchi-in Temple
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Konchi-in Temple is one of the sub-temples of the Nanzen-ji Temple opened in Kitayama by the Muromachi Shogunate, Yoshimochi Ashikaga. It has been relocated to its present location by Ishin Suden, known as the "Prime Minister of the Black Court." Some attractions of Konchi-in are the fusuma paintings by Kanoha and Tohaku Hasegawa and the garden which is a designated national scenic spot. The Zenji Temple Gardens, named “Crane and Turtle Garden(Tsurukame no niwa)," showcase splendid dry landscapes. This is a high-class garden created to pray for the prosperity of the Tokugawa family. It was designed by Enshu Kobori and it is considered a priceless cultural artifact as his original schematics still remain. While here, why don’t you visit the special viewing area? Here, you can see Enshu Kobori’s favorite tea room called "Hasso-seki," which is an important cultural property, and the famous Ensoku-kougetsuzu, translated as “monkey reaching for the moon,” fusuma painting. While viewing reservations are usually required in advance, it’s worth checking out as there may be spots available on the day.

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86-12, Nanzenji Fukuchicho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

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General 400 yen, High school student 300 yen, Elementary and Junior high school student 200 yen,
Special occasion has separate fee of 700 yen


Take Kyoto city bus, get off at "Nanzen-ji / Eikando-mich," about 10 minutes on foot, Municiple subway Tozai line "Keage" about 5 minutes on foot

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