Nanzen-in Temple

Nanzen-in Temple
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Located in the Nanzen-ji prefecture at the end of the stone stairway that passes through the Waterway Pavilion, the "Nanzen-in Temple” was originally a pillar of Emperor Kameyama and regarded as the birthplace of Nanzen-ji. Though it is a quiet little temple not overcrowded with tourists, there is a must-see wonderful garden that is one of the "Kyoto Three Scenic Historic Site Gardens" and in line with the Tenryu-ji temple and Kokedera (Saikoji Temple). It is said that the garden was a sight to behold at the time of the opening of the temple, which is also the work of Muso Soseki, who constructed many famous gardens, and Emperor Kameyama. The garden is stunning all year round and is also a particularly famous place for its moss. At the time of constructing the garden, Tatsuta's Kaede, Nanba's reed and Yoshino's cherry blossoms were transplanted, and, furthermore, famous items that had been portrayed and sung in songs since the Manyo era, ” surround this beautifully landscaped garden.

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Nanzenjifuroyama-chō,Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Japan

Telephone Number

075-771-0365(Nanzen-in Temple)


Rinzai sect Nanzen

Business Hours

8: 40 ~ 17: 30 (from December to February until 16:30)


General 300 yen, High school student 250 yen, Elementary and Junior high student 150 yen


Take Kyoto City bus, get off at "Nanzen-ji / Eikando-michi " about 10 minutes on foot, Municipal Subway Tozai Line line "Kegami"station about 10 minutes on foot

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