Eikando (Zenrin-ji Temple)

Eikando  (Zenrin-ji Temple)
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Eikando Temple, whose official name is Zenrin-ji, is the head temple of Zenrin-ji of the Nishiyama Jodo sect. About 3000 momiji maple trees are planted on the grounds and the landscape in late autumn is a masterpiece. The beloved "Momiji trees of Eikando” are synonymous with idyllic Kyoto fall colors. During the fall, the compound is illuminated for evening prayers and you can enjoy the magnificent scenery even at night. The history of Eikando Temple begins during the Heian period when Shinshou, a disciple of Kukai, opened the Shingon sect's dojo. Approximately two hundred years later, this place changed its name to Nembutsu Dojo when the seventh Eikan entered the monastery. As the story goes, Eikan originally served as a part of Nara Todaiji Temple and brought with him the treasures of Todaiji Temple in the “mikaeri amida,” or the principal object of worship at a temple. One day, Eikan was praying at the amida statue, when, suddenly, the statue started to walk in front of him as if it were leading the way. It is said that the statue then looked back over its left shoulder and said to Eikan, "Eikan, you’re too slow,” which caught Eikan by surprise. Today, Amida is still a benevolent presence that watches over all those who are going at their own pace.

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48, Eikandocho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

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Nishiyama Jodo sect Zenrinji

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General 600 Yen, Elementary, Junior and High school student 400 Yen


Take Kyoto city bus, get off at "Nanzen-ji Eikando-michi" about 3 minutes on foot

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