Funaokayama Park

Funaokayama Park
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Funaokayama Park, built in 1931 on Funaokayama mountain overlooking Kyoto, is a place for locals to relax in its plazas and for children to play on its playgrounds. It lies about 112 meters above sea level. The observation deck of the park is known as a night view spot with its view of the cityscape of Kyoto including Kyoto Tower. This small mountain-like hill also played an important role in history. When building Heiankyo, the town was created symmetrically in the east and west, centered on the Suzaku Boulevard landing to the south of Funaokayama, and the guardian god to the north. In the mid-Heian period, this area was a cemetery where many royalty and commoners were buried. Even now, at the foot of the mountain there is a district called "Enma-maecho" meaning devil city, which indicates that this land was considered a bridge to the other world. During the Muromachi period, competition for this mountain was fought over during the Ōnin War.The monument of "Ōnin & EishōEra Battlefield Monument " is to inform visitors that battle at Funaokayama took place in 1511. After that, this mountain was handed over to Daitokuji by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and worshiped as the spiritual place of Nobunaga Oda. At the Kenkun-jinja Shrine at the East end, the deity of the shrine is dedicated to Nobunaga as well as his son Nobutada.

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42, Murasakino Kitafunaokacho, Kita-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto,Japan

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[Kyoto City Construction Bureau Northern Midori Management Office] 075-882-7019

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Get off at Okayama by Kyoto City Bus, 4 minutes on foot or 6 minutes on foot from Senbon Kitaoji stop

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