Shikanoshima Island

Shikanoshima Island
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Shikanoshima Island is famous for the national treasure Kin-in, or, 'King of Na gold seal'.
Kin-in was found by a farmer who worked in a paddy field in the mid Edo period.
After that, it was owned by the Kuroda family, who reigned as feudal lords, over the ancient Province of Chikuzen.
Currently, Kin-in is housed in the Fukuoka City Museum.

Shikanoshima Island's appeal is its beautiful sea which is clear all the way down to the bottom.
As well as admiring a view of the sea, you can enjoy diving and snorkeling to view rare tropical fish.

The protectorate god of the sea is enshrined at Shikaumi Shrine and is a well-known Power Spot.

There are 70 festivals held here every year. Among them, it is highly recommended that you enjoy the Taisai festival in Fukuoka Prefecture.

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Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka

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10 minutes walk from Shikanoshima stop of Nishitetsu Bus

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