Hakata Dontaku

Hakata Dontaku
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Hakata Dontaku, known as one of the three biggest Japanese Festivals, takes place on the 3rd and 4th of May every year.
There are over 30,000 participants and over 2 million spectators, so the festival is very crowded every year.
The history of Hakata Dontaku dates back the late 12th century and it is said that it started when the New Year was celebrated as 'Matsuri-Bayashi'.
Since then, the festival has been developed into the event celebrated by Hakata merchants.
In 1873, Matsuri-Bayashi was not allowed by the new Meiji Government, however, in 1880, it was renamed and reborn as Hakata Dontaku.
Dontaku supposedly derives from the Dutch holiday 'Zondag'.
Currently, the participants use their hand to hit and ring a 'Shamoji' rice scoop, while walking and dancing.
This supposedly originated from the land-ladies of merchant houses being fascinated by the sound of Matsuri Bayashi, and hitting Shamoji when they made dinner.

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