Old Toyama-ke Folk Museum

Old Toyama-ke Folk Museum
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The Old Toyama-ke Folk Museum exhibits cultural artifacts of the Shirakawa village regarding food, clothing, and shelter.
The four-story, moss-covered, rustic “Gassho-Zukuri” building was built in 1827 by carpenters of the Noto region, and the indoor pillar still emits a shine even after 190 years since its completion.

Shirakawa village’s limited agricultural land made it very difficult for second or third sons to establish a branch family to start their own farming business.
Therefore, the eldest son tended to be the most powerful member in a typical large family with more than 20 people.
The first floor, with the most space, was the primary living area. Spatial constraints resulted in unique lifestyles, such as the second and third sons’ wives having to commute to the house where their husbands lived, and children being raised in the homes' of mistresses.
While a large family surrounding a fireplace may seem quite peaceful today, it is said that the lifestyle in these houses were quite chaotic at the time.

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125 Miboro, Shirakawa, Ono District, Gifu

Telephone Number


Spot Types

Important cultural property

Business Hours

10:00 to 16:00

Regular Holiday

Wednesdays (the previous business day if Wednesday is a national holiday)


Adult 300 yen, Children 150 yen


2 hour bus ride from JR Takaoka Station on the Kaetsuno Bus Line, 16 minute drive from the Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal

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