Sagano Romantic Train

Sagano Romantic Train
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The Sagano Romantic Train connecting Arashiyama and Sagano with Kyoto Kameoka was launched by the Sagano Tourist Railway in 1990 using the discontinued JR San-in Line. In order to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Hozugawa River, locals swapped out rusted rails and rotten sleepers, reinforced the collapsed rail shoulder, and planted seedlings of cherry and maple trees around the tracks. Many striking rock formations and large boulders can be spotted along the banks of the Hozugawa River, which flows at the bottom of the railroad’s steep slope. On both banks of the Hozugawa River, there are mountains full of cherry blossoms to be enjoyed in springtime and Yamazatoji trees that appear to be ablaze in the fall. All of this gorgeous natural scenery, even the rapids splashing the rocks, can be enjoyed in panorama from the train window. On a nice day, we recommend you climb aboard car No. 5 "The rich", which has a open-air deck without windows, and take in the fresh mountain air on your journey through the ravine.

Information of Spot Detail

Varies by station

Telephone Number

[Sagano Tourist Railway] 075-861-7444

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Business Hours

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Regular Holiday

On Wednesday (except public holidays, spring break, Golden Week, summer vacation, fall colors season)
End of December - February
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Adult (12 years old and over) 620 yen, Children 310 yen


Varies by station

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Niigata Toyama Ishikawa Fukui Yamanashi Nagano
Shiga Kyoto Osaka Hyogo Nara Wakayama
Tottori Shimane Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi
Tokushima Kagawa Ehime Kochi
Fukuoka Saga Nagasaki Kumamoto Oita Miyazaki Kagoshima