Genbikei Gorge

Genbikei Gorge
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Genbikei is a famous 2km gorge located in Iwate prefecture`s Ichinoseki City. The flow of the river between the strange and weathered rocks formed by erosion of the flowing river, and the lush green and autumn leaves that color the area are beautiful any season. In 1927 it was designated as a scenic spot and place of natural beauty by Japan. The scenery changes with the seasons and you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, the lush greenery in summer, the colorful leaves of fall, or the beautiful snow covered scenes in winter. It is said that Date Masamune, known as one of the most famous Sengoku Daimyo, visited this area and was overjoyed with the scenery. There is a fun and interesting way to enjoy some local mochi, sweet pounded rice cakes, when visiting the gorge. When you put money in a basket on one side of the river, the "Kakko Dango" will send you dango mochi and tea from a teahouse on the other side of the river. This is a popular tourist attraction and a delicious local treat to try.

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Aza-Takinouechinai Genbi-cho, Ichinoseki, Iwate

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A short walk from Genbikei bus stop, 20 minutes bus ride from JR Ichinoseki Station

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