Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center

Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center
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The Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center is a facility that shares the impressive history of the Hiraizumi area which has been registered as a World Heritage Site. In the exhibition space, there is an exhibit on the history of Hiraizumi from it's origin through to today. There is a topographical model of the area and an interesting exhibition of excavated historical artifacts. Because of the many archaeological materials that have been excavated in the area, you can learn about Hiraizumi history and culture and gain insight on the development of the area over the past 800 years. Among the many exhibits, one of the most interesting is the ”Chusonji Lotus”. The ”Chusonji Lotus” is an amazing story connected with the fourth generation ruler of the Fujiwara clan (Fujiwara no Yasuhira), who was beheaded in 1189. Lotus seeds that had been entombed with the mummified head of the deceased leader, were taken out and blossomed 800 years later. This flowering spectacle is one of the few connections we have with the powerful clan that once ruled much of Japan. In addition to permanent exhibitions there are numerous events including special exhibits.

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44 Tachibana Hiraizumi, Hirazumi-cho, Nishiiwaigun, Iwate

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9:00 to 17:00
- Last admission is at 16:30.

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Close from 29 Dec. to 3 Jan.




14 minutes walk from JR Hiraizumi Station

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