Hiraizumi Station

Hiraizumi Station
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Hiraizumi station is a JR East station in the town of Hiraizumi, Iwate prefecture. The station was opened in 1898 and was designated as a national railway station. In 2002, Hiraizumi Station was selected as one of the most notable of ”Train Stations in Tohoku“, but since the station building suffered extensive damage due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was redone in 2012. A waiting space and tourist information center were added and the rebuilt station harmonizes with the surrounding landscape, borrowing from the architectural style of the renowned buildings found in the area. In the vicinity of the station, ruins remaining from the Northern Fujiwara clan that prospered around the 12th century can be found. Northwest of the station is Chusonji temple, Motsuji Temple grounds and other historical sites. Special historic sites and World Heritage sites are located close to the station and you can enjoy sightseeing by using a rental cycle or taxi from the station, or visit the historical heritage sites using the Hiraizumi tour bus "RUNRUN".

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76 Izumiya Hiraizumi, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiiwaigun, Iwate

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Business Hours

[JR Ticket Office] 7:05 to 17:40

Regular Holiday

No closing days


A 8 minute ride of JR Tohoku Line from JR Ichinoseki Station

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