Lake Jinzai

Lake Jinzai
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Lake Jinzai is located in the western part of Izumo, Shimane prefecture, and is the largest brackish water lake in the country with the 6th largest catch of clams in Japan. This historic lake, which appears in "Izumo no Kuni Fudoki " written around the year 700, is also known as a fishing spot for eel and carp. There is a 2.5-kilometer hiking path around the lake, where you can observe wild birds and fish. The "Lake Jinzai Pleasure Boat" is a houseboat equipped with eight tables where you can enjoy sightseeing while eating local cuisine using eel and clams from Lake Jinzai. On the west side of the lake there is the “Koryo Onsen,” so you can stop by the hot spring after enjoying the scenery of Lake Jinzai.

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Jinzaioki-cho, Izumo, Shimane

Telephone Number

[Izumo City Hall Tourism Division] 0853-21-6588

Regular Holiday

No closing days




20 minute walk from JR Konan Station
6 minute drive from Izumo Interchange on the San-in Expressway

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