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The slope approaching Kiyomizu-dera Temple from below, Higashi Oji Dori Matsubara, is a wonderful area lined with shops, restaurants, and more. This area was built up around the road leading up to the temple that pilgrims and temple visitors would have used, and is the shortest distance connecting the temple to Tokaido Road which connected Kyoto and Tokyo. The road and atmosphere has changed little since old times with an infusion of new shops among the older traditional buildings, a path loaded with many interesting things to see. The area where the path connects with the Gojozaka path is particularly interesting to explore. There is a large concentration of shops where you can rent kimono and yukata to have a truly Kyoto experience. Even watching others walk around in their kimono adds to an unforgettable visit to Kyoto.

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2 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama, Kyoto, Kyoto

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It varies according to shops.

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It varies according to shops.

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It varies according to shops.


A 13 minute bus ride from JR Kyoto Station, then 15 minutes walk from Gojo-zaka bus stop
A 10 minute bus ride from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station or keihan Gionshijo Station, then a 15 minute walk from Kiyomizu-zaka or Gojo-zaka bus stops

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