Sasuke Inari Shrine

Sasuke Inari Shrine
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Sasuke Inari Shrine is located on the way up the stairs through dozens of torii gates lined with a lot of red flags. In the late Heian era, Minamoto no Yoritomo heard a divine message to recruit soldiers from an old man named “Kakurezato no Inari”, and he achieved a remarkable accomplishment of defeating the Taira family. Later, Minamoto no Yoritomo found a small monument in the Kakurezato and built a shrine, which is known as the beginning of the Sasuke Inari Shrine. Currently it is a popular spiritual site where people wish for career advancement. In addition, the eleven-face Kannon next to the shrine is said to bring good luck to marriages and relationships. The temple is surrounded by dense trees and is wrapped in serenity, creating the atmosphere of a hidden village. You can also enter the famous "Kuzuhara Oka Daibutsu hiking course" from the rear of the temple's main hall.

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2-22-12 Sasuke, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture

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25 minute walk from JR Kamakura Station

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