Zuisen-ji Temple

Zuisen-ji Temple
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Zuisen-ji Temple was built by the monk Musou Kokushi in the late Kamakura period, and the name comes from the autumn leaves surrounding the temple that looked like a beautiful screen. To the rear of the main hall is the only remaining rock garden from the Kamakura period in Kamakura, two large caves “Tennyo-do” and “Zazen-do” that were created by carving out the bedrock of Kamakura stone, and in front of that there is a pond where you can enjoy the stunning scenery. In addition, Zuisen-ji Temple is a famous viewing spot for plum trees, and in the vicinity there are cherry blossoms, azaleas, peonies, manzaku, daffodils and other seasonal flowers all year round, giving Zuisen-ji Temple a unique name of "flower temple".

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710 Nikaido, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture

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9:00 to 17:00

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200 yen


8 minute bus ride on the Keikyu bus from the JR Kamakura Station, and 10 minute walk from the Ootou no Miya bus station.

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