Myouhon-ji Temple

Myouhon-ji Temple
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Myohon-ji Temple is the oldest temple of the Nichiren-shu sect located in an area called Hikigayatsu. The temple’s roots date back to the year 1203 when the youngest child and the only survivor of the Hiki clan, Yoshimoto, built a memorial for his family members who were attacked and killed by the armies of Hojo Masako’s father, Tokimasa.

It is a temple with many attractions such as the mountain gate, two Deva King guardian statues, main temple hall, and Yakusido hall of the Medicine Buddha. The temple is full of nature despite being located near downtown Kamakura, and visitors can enjoy a beautiful scenery every season. In spring the temple becomes full of flowers including cherry blossoms and crabapple. Fireflies can be seen in early summer, and autumn leaves and ginkgo can be enjoyed in fall.

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1-15-1 Omachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture

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8 minute walk from JR Kamakura Station
8 minute walk from Kamakura Station of Enoshima Electric Railway

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