Sumida River

Sumida River
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The Sumida river is about 23.5 km in length and flows past roughly 3 million people living in the greater Tokyo area. Considered one of the great rivers of the world, it flows through the city center and connects to Tokyo Bay. The upper stream is the Arakawa river, and becomes the Sumida river from the branch point called Iwabuchi flood gates near Akabane. On both sides of the Sumidagawa river there is a promenade called "Sumidagawa Terrace" and a wide green area many people use as a place for relaxation and sports. In the spring, nearly 1,000 cherry blossoms bloom on both sides where many people visit for hanami, or cherry blossom viewing. There are also a number of events held during the year, such as a large fireworks display called the ”Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival" in summer. The fireworks event is so impressive and popular that it is even aired on TV. There is a water bus "Tokyo Cruise" that runs along the river making connections to many popular places like Asakusa, Hamarikyu Gardens · Hinodesanbashi · Odaiba Beach Park and Toyosu. There are other stops the water bus makes and you can easily access and enjoy the shopping and entertainment area Palette Town or the event venue Tokyo Big Site in Odaiba.

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1-23-20 Azumabashi Sumida-ku, Tokyo

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