Rice Field Art ~Kakunodate Sta., Aniai Sta., Takanosu Sta.~

Rice Field Art ~Kakunodate Sta., Aniai Sta., Takanosu Sta.~

You will never look at rice fields the same way again
Designed specifically to be viewed from the train

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Page last updated: Feb, 01, 2022
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This is a popular art form unique to the Nairiku Line, with rice fields along the route. Rice field art displays are created every year between Kakunodate Station and Ugo-Ota Station, at Kami-Hinokinai Station, between Aniai Station and Kobuchi Station, between Maeda-Minami Station and Ani-Maeda-Onsen Station, and at Jomon Ogata Station. As the seedlings grow from July to September, they are designed in such a way that a large picture appears to emerge, providing onlookers with a surprisingly massive work of art.

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