Quince Moriyoshi ~Animae-Maeda Onsen Sta.~

Quince Moriyoshi ~Animae-Maeda Onsen Sta.~
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Page last updated: Feb, 01, 2022
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This is a hot spring inn adjacent to Ani-Maeda Onsen Station. It features a spacious rest area and cafeteria, where you can enjoy a refreshing experience while waiting for the train, and the Train-Viewing Room, where you can enjoy an unlimited view of the Nairiku Line cars from your room, is very popular. The cafeteria is also recommended for its popular oyako-don with Hinai Jidori chicken, as well as for its selection of combo meals, noodles, and more.

Information of Spot Detail
Telephone Number



[Hot springs for guests not staying overnight]
9:00~21:00 (last admission: 20:30)

Dining area hours

11:00~14:00, 17:30~20:00/Restaurant (3F)


[Hot springs for guests not staying overnight]
Junior high school students and older: 500 yen, elementary school students: 300 yen, children not yet of elementary school age: free of charge


Inside the Ani-Maeda Onsen Station building

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