Peace Boulevard

Peace Boulevard
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Just beyond the Peace Memorial Park, lies a wide road. This is Peace Boulevard, also known as the 100-meter-road to its citizens. This boulevard was originally constructed as a fire-belt to prevent fire from spreading by the air raids. However, it didn’t completely work against the incredibly destructive A-Bomb.
After the war, even against a batch of opposition, the street was revived and many trees were planted along it. It has been seen as one of the symbols of the recovery of Hiroshima, as it was said to be a land where no greens could grow for at least 75 years. Nowadays, it is loved by its citizens far beyond being just a boulevard, as an event called the ""Flower Festival"" is held here in May and the street is decorated with lights during Christmas season.

Information of Spot Detail

Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima

Telephone Number

[Hiroshima-shi Tourist Office]082-247-6738

Spot Types

shopping complex

Business Hours

It varies according to shops and facilities

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No closing days




1 minute walk from Hiroshima Electric Railway Hukuromachi Station, 20 minutes by Hiroshima Electric Railway from JR Hiroshima station
20 minutes by car from Hiroshima Interchange of Sanyo Expressway

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