Sightseeing attendants are available!! ~Kakunodate Sta., Takanosu Sta.~

Sightseeing attendants are available!! ~Kakunodate Sta., Takanosu Sta.~
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Page last updated: Jan, 28, 2022
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On the train, sightseeing attendants will provide information about the attractions, sightseeing spots, and more along the line in Akita dialect. Each attendant has their own distinctive style. There are many ways to keep you entertained during the two-hour train ride from the first station, Kakunodate. Their ingenuity is evident in their seven tools of hospitality, including a wristwatch, microphone, drink, photo, cooler box, pamphlet, and a big smile. They may carry a fly swatter in the summer as insects can come in through the windows.

*Some trains do not have a sightseeing attendant on board. Contact the Akita Nairiku Line for details.

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