Farmhouse Minshuku Inn Seisetsukan ~Ugo-Nagatoro Sta.~

Farmhouse Minshuku Inn Seisetsukan ~Ugo-Nagatoro Sta.~

Limited to one group per day
Enjoy the luxury of a relaxing stay at a farmhouse
Like visiting your hometown

Guide of Spot Introduction
Page last updated: Jan, 28, 2022
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The second floor of this former farm building has been renovated into a spacious lodging space. Relax in a room without a TV, listening to the sound of insects in summer and the boiling of a kettle on the wood stove in winter. For dinner, the owners, a mother and daughter team, prepare hearty homemade dishes using plenty of homegrown vegetables and wild plants.

▼Green Tourism Nishiki Kenkyukai
There are other farmhouses in the Nishiki-mura area, as follows.

 TEL: 0187-47-3103
 TEL: 0187-47-3046
●Sato no Akari
 TEL: 0187-47-2732
 TEL: 0187-47-2540
 TEL: 0187-47-2156
 TEL: 0187-47-2105

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Approx. 15-minute walk from Ugo-Nagatoro station

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