Former Samurai Residence Street ~Kakunodate Sta.~

Former Samurai Residence Street ~Kakunodate Sta.~

Kakunodate’s main attraction
Former samurai residences line the streets. An awe-inspiring and exciting townscape

Guide of Spot Introduction
Page last updated: Jan, 28, 2022
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The Kakunodate Former Samurai Residence Street gives you the feeling of going back in time to a samurai town in the Edo period. Behind the black-board fences are priceless buildings that still retain their original appearance, as well as large weeping cherry and fir trees that add seasonal color.

Great dining and souvenirs
▼Kakunodate Historical Village Aoyagi Residence
Enjoy a diverse collection of artifacts from the Edo period to the modern era on the approximately 10,000-square meter site. This is the best museum located in a samurai residence in Japan.

●Inquiries 0187-54-3257
●Directions 20-minute walk or 5-min. drive from Kakunodate Station

The oldest of the existing samurai residences!
▼Ishiguro Samurai Residence
This samurai residence allows all visitors to go up to the tatami room and see the inside of the building. The descendants who still live in the house and the staff provide easy-to-understand guidance.

●Inquiries 0187-55-1496
●Directions 25-minute walk or 5-minute drive from Kakunodate Station

▼Rickshaw information
●Boarding Near Kakunodate Kabazaiku Museum 
  090-2970-2324 (Kakunodate Jinriki)
  090-2994-2722 (Ofutei)
  090-4888-0790 (Kakunodate Kizunaya

▼Guided walks around town
  0187-55-1670 (Kakunodate History Guides Association)
  *Make a reservation by 4pm 3 days in advance.

▼Kakunodate Rental Bicycles
 There is a discount of 100 yen per hour on the rental fee when using the Nairiku Line.
 Passengers getting off at Kakunodate Station on the Akita Nairiku Line
●Open Open all year round (closed when snowing)
●Bicycle rental service providers
 Rental Bicycles Uohiro: 0187-53-2894 (401-5 Kamisugasawa, Kakunodate-machi, Semboku-shi) 

▼Semboku Tourist Information Center Kakunodate Ekimae Kura
From sightseeing routes to samurai residences, as well as information on accommodations and seasonal tourist information, they can help you with anything! Large baggage can be stored here for a fee of 500 yen per piece.

Information of Spot Detail

Telephone Number

Semboku Tourist Information Center Kakunodate Ekimae Kura 0187-54-2700

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