Utto Hot Spring Matagi no Yu ~Animatagi Sta.~

Utto Hot Spring Matagi no Yu ~Animatagi Sta.~

Relaxing natural hot spring baths
Immerse yourself in the Matagi culture at a hot spring deep in the mountains

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Enjoy nature all year round from the open-air bath, and also visit the adjoining Matagi Museum. Try the Bear Nabe Hot Pot and the famous doburoku unrefined sake. You can also listen to stories told by an active Matagi bear hunter. (Matagi storytelling: Reservation and fee required.)

Perfect with country cooking
▼Doburoku Unrefined Sake Matagi no Yume
This handcrafted doburoku unrefined sake, made with subterranean water from Mt. Moriyoshi and Akitakomachi rice, is a famous sake that won the top prize in the "Concentrated Fermentation Category" of the 4th National Doburoku Kenkyukai. It is characterized by the natural sweetness and fresh acidity of the rice, and has a slightly dry taste with a distinct umami flavor.
*May be out of stock. Please contact us.

The bears of Matagi no Sato!
▼Bear Nabe Hot Pot
The bear meat of the traditional Matagi Kuma Nabe Hot Pot is stewed slowly in a miso-based broth until it is tender and the odor is gone. Savor the unique flavor of bear meat and the sweetness of bear fat.

Adjacent to the Utto Onsen Matagi no Yu
▼Matagi Museum 
This museum has many important materials related to the Matagi on display, including the costumes and hunting tools they actually used. Learn in-depth about the Matagi culture and history, from their life in the mountains to their relationship with animals.
Fees/Adults: 200 yen, children: 100 yen

Information of Spot Detail
Telephone Number



[Hot springs for guests not staying overnight]
9:00~21:00 (last admission at 20:30)


Open all year round (temporary closures may occur)


[Hot springs for guests not staying overnight]
General admission (junior high school students and older): 600 yen, elementary school students: 200 yen, children not yet of elementary school age: free of charge
(Accommodation plans start from 14,010 yen per night with 2 meals (weekdays))


Approx. 5-min drive from Ani-Matagi Station (Shuttle service available: 0186-84-2612)

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