Jyukkoku-bune, Sanjyukkoku-bune

Jyukkoku-bune, Sanjyukkoku-bune
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Jikkoku-bune and Sanjikkoku-bune ships are tourism boats that pass down the history of Fushimi, which is a port town on a river, and these ships were originally carrier ships connecting Fushimi and Osaka that transported alcohol and rice. The current "Jikkoku-bune" departs from the south of Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum, and "Sanjikkoku-bune" departs near Teradaya, which has deep connections with Sakamoto Ryoma . The ship travels down a serene route in between a row of willow trees. The trip time is about 50 minutes for Jiikkoku-bune, and 40 minutes for Sanjikkoku-bune. Visitors can enjoy the scenery of Fushimi with many sake breweries and blooming trees and flowers at all seasons. The cityscape of Fushimi is even more fascinating looking from the river during the calm cruise.

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Motomokuzai-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

Telephone Number


Spot Types


Business Hours

[Jikkoku-bune] Departure time 10:00 to 16:20
* August is different, end time changes based on the season
[Sanjikkoku-bune] Departure time 9:35 to 15:35

Regular Holiday

[Jikkoku-bune] Monday (excludes national holidays, except Mondays of April, May, October, November are open)
*Exvept, the season is from end of March to early Deember, August is special service
[Sanjikkoku-bune] Only in service on certain days (refer to homepage)


Adults (older than middle school): 1,200 yen; Elementary school student: 600 yen, younger than elementary school: 300 yen


5 minute walk from Chushojima Station of Keihan Main Line

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