Gokonomiya Shrine

Gokonomiya Shrine
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Gokonomiya Shrine is a famous shrine to pray for safe childbirth, and it is also where Goko-sui, one of seven famous waters of Fushimi, springs. Goko-sui was also chosen as one of "100 famous Japanese waters", and Fushimi's sake-brewing water shares the same water source, so there are many visitors who have come to draw water from the shrine in recent years.
According to the shrine's historic records, a very fragrant water sprung out in the year 862, and many sick people recovered after they drank the water. Emperor Seiwa who heard this story gave the shrine the name Gokonomiya Shrine, or "Shrine of fragrant water." The main deity is the Empress Jingu
, who is widely worshiped as Japan's First Guardian Goddess for Safe Child Birth, and has been worshipped for a long time. In addition to safe child birth, other worship includes prayer for child growth and protection from evil.
Inside the calm shrine, there is the Benten-sha shrine that worships the Benzaiten who brings good financial luck and improvement of various skills, and Matsuo-sha shrine that worships the god of liquor. Gokonomiya Shrine’s main hall is the most picturesque during fall. The main gate is the remains of the Ohtemon gate of Fushimi castle erected by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1594, and the main hall was recently renovated to revive its vivid colors.

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174 Gokogumonzencho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

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[Rock garden] None
Shrine may close due to religious ceremonies


[Rock garden] 200 yen


5 minute walk from Fushimi Momoyama Station of Keihan Electric Railway
3 minute walk from Momoyama Goryo-mae Station of Kintetsu Kyoto Line

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