Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal
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Otaru port was once the commercial center of Hokkaido and flourished as a gateway to the cultivation of Hokkaido. The Otaru Canal is an artificial canal made by reshaping the coast to accommodate shipping. The area has remained relatively unchanged since it thrived long ago. It is characterized by its curving shoreline and the stone warehouses along the canal. These historical buildings are now used as restaurants and shops. In the late afternoon, the lighting by the gas lamps creates a wonderful atmosphere and great opportunities to take pictures of the buildings and canal. It is one of the most popular places for photos in Hokkaido. In winter there is the "Otaru Snow Light Path", where the warm light of candles are set up along the canal side walking path. You can also see other lighting designs such as floating ball candles using old fishing gear and handmade snow candle wraps along the canal.

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Otaru canal,5 Minatomachi, Otaru, Hokkaido

Telephone Number

[Otaru-shi: Sightseeing promotion room]0134-32-4111

Spot Types

Attractions,Histric Architectures


8 minutes walk from Otaru station

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